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April 2007 
Helgas Descendants. The Californian Family.

Ralph Back b. 4.11.1919 
Orland, California. d. 22.02.1994

Shirley Gillettt b. 25.04.1922 
Denver, Colorado
Carol Anne Back James Nalls Joan Kristin Back Elmer Brock Ellen Lee Back Daniel Fisher
Jennifer Marie Nalls Joseph J. Sillstrop Valerie Anne Brock Justin Combs  Ryan Fisher 
b. 30.07.1975
Joseph J. Sillstrop 
b. 02.01.2001 
Luke Sillstrop Michael John Brock
b. 19.04.1977
Satia Sisa Danielle Nicole Fisher  
Elizabeth Anne Nalls Sage Kuttler Photos from Grandma Shirley's 85th birthday in the beach town, Trinidad, in Northern California Aaron Fisher  

September 2007
En lille ny fra Tennessee


Birth Date: Sep 27 2007 
Time: 4:11AM 
Mother: Valerie 
Father: Justin
Weight: 6 lb 12 oz 
Length: 19.5 in 
Place: University of Tennessee Medical Center 

Valerie Anne 
Justin Combs 

Jace Combs

Hilsener i gæstebogen på University of Tennessee Medical Centers babyside.

Melanie, Brian, Brock, Trent & (Friend) : He is so beautiful! Can you say that about a little boy? You guys did good with the name. I wish we could be there to see him in person, someday. Congratulations Val & Justin!!! Give him a kiss from his Aunt Mel Love, The California Combs & The Brock 

Team Story (Friend) : Welcome to the world Jace! You're so cute and loved so much. Always remember what great parents you have. Miss you all tons. Love, Mike, Sharon & your buddy Zach 

Cateena Davis (Friend) : Oh my Gosh! Dave and I are so happy for you both. Jace is adorable. We are giving you a few more days to rest and then we will call you this weekend. Love, The Davis Family 

The Buttitta's (Friend) : CONGRATULATIONS! We can't wait to meet you Jace! You are such a handsome little guy. Joshy and Faith are looking forward to playing with you! Hope you all are doing well and we miss you lots. Take care Love, Steve, Mello, your buddy Joshy and girlfriend Faith :) 

Lindsey (Friend) : Baby Jace is the cutest! I wish I could just drive down the road and visit him; but I must say after seeing him in the flesh, I'm definitely looking into buying a ticket to pay a little visit! He is beautiful!!!! Congratulations Val and Justin!!! 

Danielle (Cousin) : He is absolutely beautiful, a little angel. Congratulations! I can not wait to meet the little man! Welcome to the world little Jace, I can not wait to squeeze your cheecks :-) 

Suzanne (Friend) : Well, I've had the luxury of meeting him in person: Absolutely beautiful, looks like Val, beautiful features, could eat him! What an amazing little creature. Love him so much. 
Dana (Friend) : Jace is gorgeous. Congrats Val and Justin. The best is yet to come. Love you all. 
JJ and Luke (Cousin) : Cousin Jace, We can't wait to meet you. We are going to have so much fun together growing up. We love you. JJ and Luke Mom and Dad send their love too!!!!!! 

Mariza (Friend) : Congrats!! He is so beautiful! Good job on the cute bundle. Your lives are going to be so full of love and fun. We hope to meet you soon. We hope all is well. XOXO Mariza,Ruben,Ezra, Mateo, Diego 

Jamie (Friend) : Absolutely adorable! David and I can't wait to see him. Congratulations! 

Arin, Mike & boys (Friend) : He is soooo perfect, just like his mom. Sorry Justin. You're perfect too. I'm so happy for ya'll. Is that how you say it in Tennesse? Ok love you guys and I can't wait to see him in person. Love Always, Arin 

Auntie Jean (Aunt) : Darling Valerie and Justin, Jace is just beautiful. I wish I could hold him right now! You will have to come to visit so that we can admire him together. Much love, Auntie Jean 

Carianne, Joe, Phebe and Maddi (Friend) : Congratulations you guys!!! We are so happy for you! He is absolutely adorable! Love the name! Wish we could be there to see him in person! We love you guys! 

Niels, Denmark (Other Relative) : Congratulations! Now I will add little Jace as a new member to Helgas Descendants

August 2010
Familieforøgelse i Californien


Thursday, August 19, 2010
My brother, Michael had a little girl yesterday. Charlotte Brock, daughter of Michael Brock and Satia Sisa, Granddaughter of Joan and Elmer Brock, Great Granddaughter of Shirley and Ralph Back, Great Great Granddaughter of Helga and Peder Back


Michael John
Satia Sisa

Charlotte Brock





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